What should be paid attention to during the selection of ball valves

2019/12/16 17:53:42

I first learned that ball valves are a company specializing in the production of brass valves in Yuhuan. They are located in a seaside city with convenient transportation and excellent geographical location. It is also in this company that I know what should be paid attention to in the process of selecting the ball valve. Next, I will share with you the selection of the next ball valve tips: usually ball valves usually use rubber, nylon and polytetrafluoroethylene as the seat gasket material, so its use temperature has been criticized by a certain sealant. Or when the sealing surface 'produces a product and the valve plug cannot rotate in the valve body, the valve must be repaired.

A cylindrical plug valve is equipped with a Teflon sleeve in the valve body to seal the valve plug. It is compressed in the valve body with a compression nut.

1.Conical plug valve

(1) Compact conical rotary screw valve

This type of plug valve has no packing, and the seal between the valve plug and the sealing surface of the valve body is achieved by tightening the nut under the plug, and it is generally used in low pressure situations with a nominal pressure PN <0.6MPa. The outer shape of the conical rotary cold valve with a small U-diameter internal thread connection is shown in the figure. The leakage gap between the sealing pair of the Gang tapered plug valve can be adjusted by pressing the plug deeper into the valve seat. When the valve plug is in close contact with the valve body, the valve plug can still be rotated, or lifted from the valve seat and rotated by 90 ° before rotating, and then press the seal after Iflj.

Ball valve manufacturers

(2) Packed conical plug valve

Conical plug valve such as. Packing type conical plug valve has packing in the valve body. The packing is sealed by pressing the packing. This packing type conical rotary cold valve has better sealing performance, and is used in the case of nominal pressure PN = 1. 0 ?. 6MPa. The screws below the valve body are used to adjust the tightness between the valve plug and the valve body.

(3) Teflon sleeve simple sealed conical plug valve

In order to overcome the lubrication and maintenance problems of the plug valve, this type of polytetrafluoroethylene sleeve simple seal conical plug valve was developed. In this valve, the valve plug is rotated in a polytetrafluoroethylene sleeve embedded in the valve body, and the polytetrafluoroethylene sleeve avoids the stickiness of the valve. However, due to the large sealing area and high sealing stress, the operating torque is still large. On the other hand, since the sealing area is large, leakage can be better prevented even if there is some damage on the sealing surface h, and therefore, this valve is strong and durable.

        I hope the above tips will be helpful for everyone to buy ball valve products, and everyone is welcome to come to discuss and communicate with each other.