About the purpose of the water separator

2019/12/16 17:50:58

Today, the editor mainly introduces the related uses of the water separator. First, we understand what the water separator is. It is a water system that is used to connect the heating pipe supply and return water distribution and collection devices. The material of the water separator used in the floor heating and air-conditioning system should be brass, and most of the water separator used in the renovation of household meters of the tap water supply system is made of PP or PE. The supply and return water are provided with exhaust valves, and many water separators are also provided with drain valves. The front end of the water supply shall be provided with a "Y" filter. Each branch of the water supply water pipe should be provided with a valve to adjust the amount of water.

Diverters are often used:

1. In the underfloor heating system, the manifold collects a number of branch pipes and is equipped with exhaust valves, automatic thermostatic valves, etc., which are usually made of copper. Small caliber, multiple DN25-DN40. More imported products.

2. The air-conditioning water system or other industrial water systems also manage a number of branch pipelines, including the return water branch and the water supply branch, respectively, but their larger and larger numbers range from DN350 to DN1500. They are made of steel plates and belong to Pressure vessel professional manufacturing companies need to install pressure gauge thermometers, automatic exhaust valves, safety valves, vent valves, etc., pressure regulators need to be installed between the two vessels, and automatic bypass pipelines are needed to assist.

3. Tap water supply system, the use of water separators effectively avoids loopholes in tap water management, centrally installs and manages water meters, and cooperates with single pipe multi-channel use to reduce pipe procurement costs, and greatly reduce construction time and improve Out of efficiency. The tap water device is directly connected to the aluminum-plastic main pipe through a different diameter, and the water meter is centrally installed in the water meter pool (water meter room) to achieve one meter per household, outdoor installation and outdoor viewing. Reconstruction of household meters across the country is currently underway on a large scale.